Unusual Vehicle Sighting In Naples Florida (Brutalis)

This past week, I spotted a very unusual looking vehicle at what is probably the only Taco Bell in Naples. The Brutalis as it is called, not only looks like a military vehicle, it has design elements that suggest it was brought here from overseas. Upon closer examination, it appears as though the truck started its journey in Denmark! This leaves a few questions unanswered, since the truck does not appear to be amphibious. A world map on the side of the truck highlights where the truck has been so far.

The Brutalis, parked in the corner of the Taco Bell parking lot

A map of where the vehicle has been. I assume this reflects this one vehicle. 

The vehicle has no US tags

Other than travel related stickers and design decals, I could not find any information or website outlining the goal or objective of this excursion. 

The truck probably stands about 15 feet tall

I will continue to look for information related to this vehicle's travels, as I have never seen a worldwide road trip attempted before. This would certainly be the vehicle to take on such a drive.

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