The Rockville Auto Show 2016 (Rockville, MD)

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to fly back to my home state of Maryland to attend the Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show. This show is probably one of the largest on the East Coast, where about five hundred cars are entered every October. 

Our entry was a fully restored Honduras Maroon Corvette, with the original Rochester fuel injection installed. While we were early to the show, the Corvette row was already full by the time we pulled onto the field. After a few loops in an attempt to find a spot, event staff decided to widen the row for us and put us on the edge. The edge spot was nice because it gave us more visibility to spectators, and we were closer to the music stage

Our Honduras Maroon 1961 Corvette
While I was at the show, I was able to meet up with some of my friends who lived in the area, and check out some of the other cars, including one that was not permitted into the show. Meet Bogdan and his Plymouth Fury:
This car is a chaotic work of art! While the foundation of the car is a Fury, it contains large pieces of other cars. The trunk is built from an old Porsche, and the passenger side doors are from a Jeep Cherokee. The hatch on the back of the car is offset to the right, and accompanied by a sheet metal fin on the left side. The driver's seat is surrounded by a full cage, and its owner races it in events, like 24 Hours of Lemons. Since the Car show only allows unmodified classic cars, Bogdan had to park it just outside the venue and enter the show as a spectator.
A sheet metal fin is welded to the rear-left side

These Jeep Cherokee doors actually open and shut
The hatch on the rear of the car is also functional, but the Porsche tail light is currently not. 

Back inside the show, there were a number of both new and familiar attractions to see. Since there were hundreds of vehicles at the event, I did not photograph all of them. While all of the cars are in beautiful condition, I mainly took pictures of ones that were highly unusual or had unique properties to them. I will also be posting a photo album of all photos taken at the show shortly. 

This boat car is capable of driving on land and navigating water. Its owners take it in the Potomac River near Washington, DC. It must be separately registered as both a car and a boat.
The Ford Pinto was famous for its flawed suspension design, which could easily puncture the gas tank and cause a fire. Luckily enthusiasts have found a way to fix this issue and safely arrive to the show. 
This was the first year I came across this Chrysler Laser at the show. This car was only produced for the 1984, 1985, and 1986 model years.  This car shares a chassis and body with the more popular Dodge Daytona, which was produced from 1984 to 1993.
The Chrysler Laser is powered by a turbo-charged 2.5 liter inline four, which offered above average performance for cars built in the 80's. This engine was also used in sisters like the Daytona, and cousins like the Dodge Shadow ES. 
Car shows always accomodate humor, whether its classics or more recent cars
This hatch looks oddly familiar

Great for long trips I imagine. I could use one of these for my blog adventures

The original Fiat 500
This 1971 Honda AZ-600 might be even smaller than the Fiat!

For a 1971 car, this dashboard looks like its about 20 years ahead of its time

The steering wheel reminds me of a sit and spin. I imagine if you turned it fast enough the car would revolve around itself. 
One of my favorite cars for its stylized tail lights and square-angled but detailed body
I thought this was a neat touch to the Ford Falcon pictured above
There were a number of exotic classics present, such as the iconic Ferrari Testarossa
My friend Andrew, his father, and their '65 Fastback Mustang
Myself beside the family '61, on the lengthy row of Corvettes
Post-show, another 61 Corvette awaits repairs in storage, possibly to be entered in future Rockville shows alongside its red sibling
The event was a great transition into a Maryland autumn, and it was fun to meet up with friends and see each other's classics. I hope to make it to next years car show discover even more cars. 

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