The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Some time in between all the sightseeing in Rome, we took a day trip to the Naples, Italy to see Pompeii as well as drive the switchbacks of the scenic Amalfi coast. I had heard Naples (Napoli in Italian) was a rough city from multiple sources. From the train you could see that the quality of living here was much lower than in Rome. It was even easier to see how rough the city was after transferring from the train to the van. Apartments were more weathered than those in Rome, and many were covered in graffiti, roadways were heavily congested with a mix of pedestrians, bikes, and cars. As a result of this traffic, it took some time to reach the highway, which was actually rather close in proximity to the train station.

From the highway, you could see tin cities or slums that had been built on top of empty sandlots, usually annexing industrial warehouses or other housing. Young children play in between these makeshift structures, which don't appear to have any running water or electricity.

 The blue ocean contrasting with the vivid oranges and pinks along the mountainous coast of Naples could be seen to our right as we moved further along the coast, away from the urban setting. Houses and apartments began to look cleaner, and buildings gradually spread further and further apart.

One of our stops along the coast was the ancient city of Pompeii. To read about that, click here

We went as far from Napoli as Positano, and then headed back to catch our train back to Rome. In order to turn around, our driver had to navigate the narrow alleys of Positano in a Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter, which is considered a commercial size passenger vehicle in the US. Many of these streets were one way alleys that weaved between buildings, others narrow one way streets at the cliffs edge. Some were lined with restaurant tables and merchandise racks from nearby stores. Structures are practically stacked on top of one another while narrow driveways wind their way in between. Some buildings have walkways along their roofs to get to other buildings, others have entrances right on the street.

Locks symbolizing eternal love line the railing of a Napoli overlook just outside Pompeii.

A boat passes by in the distance

An overlook of Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast

The dog of a nearby construction employee relaxes in the shade of a parked car

The switchbacks of the roadway run for kilometers

An overlook of Positano, what a beautiful place to live
The roofs of some buildings served as walkways to other buildings

the town spans from the waterfront all the way back to the rocky mountain terrain.

A dog lays outside its owner's mobile market

Wide angle view of Positano

An aged but well cared for scooter

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