Cherrystone Campground, VA

I recently returned from my favorite campground, right on the Chesapeake. Cherrystone Campground is located just before the Virginia Bay Bridge Tunnel on Route 13. Last year, I only managed to get in for 3 days, but this year, I managed to make the entire week, allowing for me to get some awesome aerial video of some (but not all) of the campgrounds greatest attractions! Some of the notable attractions in the video below are the "bouncy pillow" and the fishing piers. There are shots of additional areas but those were some of the main ones I could get.

I did want to take it down to Cape Charles, as well as fly over larger sections of the campground, but I was having technical issues with the power supply and did not want to risk a forced landing due to voltage errors. The power management unit talks to the flight controller through a cable, specifically the battery level, which if no value is given, the craft will promptly but controllably descend, making landing safely an issue with all those trees and campers. Perhaps next year, since the issue has since been resolved. 

I recommend that you view this video in full screen or navigate to YouTube where you can view it in a larger window:

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