The Start of Spring Break - March 14th

For spring break, I decided to do something new and take a trip down to the south. It has been two years since I have been to Florida, and many years since I have been to other cities like Charleston, SC the state of Georgia, and Northern Florida cities like St. Augustine.

Yesterday, March 14th I woke early to escape the frigid winter temperatures of MD, and rush Friday morning rush hour. I woke to the sound of either my alarm or my startled dog, but probably the startled dog. I threw what was left to be packed into the back of my truck, and jumped on the outer loop of I-495. There was surprisingly absolutely no traffic the entire way, except for one severe accident towards the bottom of the VA side of the beltway where what appeared to be a stalled Honda civic was rammed at full speed by two other cars. But this particular accident of that severity only took about 5 minutes to pass since it was so early. From there on into Charleston itself, not a single backup.

I did notice some silly billboard advertising along the way. Hotels and motels kept advertising that they have an indoor pool. Quite honestly that's the last thing you should be advertising. "Hey look they have a chemical filled room with a giant shared bathtub! That looks like a classy place to stop." How about Swamp Fox campsite? Seems kinda of not relaxing at all to me. Then of course there is all those local billboards with cheesy lettering, drawing, and phrases on them.
Roughly 5 AM, just about to leave

The temperature shortly after sunrise during a stop in VA for breakfast

Passing into South Carolina, when suddenly, all highways are made of concrete

Not pictured, I stopped at Lake Aire RV campground in the neighboring city Hollywood, SC, would like to give them props for the clean, pretty, and quiet campground. Its not as big or festive as some of the places I've been but its definitely a friendly place. 

Historic bell tower (I don't know the name of it but if anybody does feel free to comment below)

In Charleston just walking around


I got lost on the way back. I had rode my moped 7 miles along US 17 (bad idea) to get into the city to save on parking and cabs. Unfortunately that worked out great once down there until I needed a way to get back at dark, So I left while it was still light out and had my phone's Google Maps orient me in the wrong direction several times. Their new update ABSOLUTELY SUCKS, they took out the arrow that tells you which way you are heading which was very useful to use for reference in unfamiliar cities; you didn't have to be moving for it to state your direction, just point the phone. The phone somehow had me on the on ramp of an interstate at dusk, and then through a residential area to which I found this awesome family oriented St. Patrick's Day celebration, where I hung out for about 40 minutes or so and then left my moped and called a cab. Ironically the cab probably cost more than gas and parking for my truck, as big and difficult as it is to park. But the cab drivers here are friendly as are a lot of the locals. 

This morning , the 15th, at the campsite as I type this. I am just about ready to head out, retrieve my moped from the city, and head further south. It is currently overcast and a little chilly, so I may not stop in the city for long, just enough to get the moped and maybe drive around to find places to explore when I return next week. 

On a side note, I don't know what was going on, but watch out on I-95 in NC, there were at least 10 police cars pulling people over left and right for what appeared to be searches or very strict 2 MPH over the limit type stuff. 

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