Return home from FL

Unfortunately, nothing is forever, and I had to return to my (currently) cloudy and cold state of MD. While it is nice to be back in familiar places with familiar people, it is difficult to adjust from 79 degrees sunny every day to unpredictable was 60 overcast-now-30 degree and cloudy weather.

I had a great time with great people along the way. I met many friendly people in shops, bars, and around the streets of Charleston, Tampa, Naples, and Sanibel. I also got to spend time with family local to the Tampa area that I don't see on a regular basis. I've been told we are supposed to get snow here in MD tomorrow or the following day, which if its big, will make me some driveway clearing money on top of my job, but only if it sticks to the ground.

Below is a video of my entire trip from my aunt's house in the Tampa area, to my girlfriend's family's house outside of the Baltimore area. I figured it would be great to see them as the rest of my family is headed to FL this weekend because of differing spring break schedules.

This drive was approximately 13.5 hours from start to finish (not including the 4 hours at the rest stop more than halfway through)

After filling up near US 41 and FL 52, I drove for 9 hours (starting at 2:40 PM Saturday the 22nd) without any stops (gas, bathroom, food, etc.), until my low gas light came on about 615 miles in around midnight. I decided to stop at NC milepost 106 on I-95 N to gas up and get about 4 hours of sleep for the remaining 4 hours. At about 3:30 AM, I woke up, went to use the bathroom, and then continued North for 4 hours. I finally arrived in my home region of the Montgomery County area around 8:30 AM.

Temperatures in each state shortly after entering them (Florida being the trip starting temperature):

FL: 83 F
GA: 75 F
SC: 68 F
NC: 63 F
VA: 54 F
MD: 43 F

Gallons of gas used: roughly 50 gallons

Since this trip I have not fully slept so I should probably do that so thats all the information I have for this post. I have a few more things to add but I need to edit everything.

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