West Virginia - Post 2 of 2

This post is for the second half of the trip out to West Virginia. As mentioned in the previous post, we made a visit out to Dan's rock, just outside of the West Virginia border. This park, known for its graffiti and overlook of the surrounding valleys, is the perfect place for photographers. Unfortunately, I could only endure the wintery mountain weather for about 10 minutes, for which most of it I used to fly the drone which captured a video of the rock (viewable in post 1 of 2). I did, however, manage to briefly take this panorama and stitch it together later in Photoshop. I plan to make several returns to this spot with the changing of the seasons. I imagine the leaves turning in the fall must be a spectacular sight from this viewpoint.

After running back to the car and warming up for a few minutes, I did manage to start an interesting experiment. With the high altitude (this park sits just under 3000 feet above sea level), I decided to cap a nearly empty water bottle. Once I returned to my hometown in Potomac, MD (an elevation of approximately 230 feet above sea level), I achieved some interesting results:

The increase in air pressure at my lower altitude appears to have caused the water bottle to crumble inwards slightly. This is a great experiment to try if you plan on driving from a high altitude to a low altitude. Would be interesting to try from low to high but you may not get any noticeable results since the bottle may not bulge outward, depending on the difference in change. You could, however, fit a balloon over the mouth of the bottle and see if it inflates with a decrease in outside pressure.

To conclude this post, I do plan to return and acquire more scenic photographs in the future. This is a great spot, as it is not a tourist trap, and therefore, is fairly quiet and empty, allowing for photographing without interference from other visitors.

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