West Virginia - Post 1 of 2

This past weekend I visited the state of West Virginia, just outside of Cumberland, MD. The views here are spectacular, and the January temperatures are freezing! While I was here, I brought my radio controlled quad-copter up to some of the peaks to get some views of the surrounding area. They aren't of the steadiest quality, however I do intend or returning in the near future with a motorized stabilizer for the camera, which will hopefully significantly reduce bobbing caused by wind, descent, and fast movements.

This flight took place near the Potomac River by the MD-WV border, just across from Dan's Rock in Frostburg. One of our friends suggested that we come to this point to get a good view from here, and what a good view indeed.
This Flight took place in the same place as the first one, but about 20 minutes later in the evening.

This video was taken at Dan's Rock near Frostburg, MD. Because of the harsh winds and cold temperatures (About 13 degrees Fahrenheit), we could not keep the drone up for very long in risk of the cold altering the behavior of the battery and flight controller

This video was taken from where we were staying in WV. I do not remember the exact city location as I came with others and did not use navigation. It is near Cumberland, MD.

I have a few still photographs I will be posting in a second post.

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