Cherrystone Campground/Cape Charles, VA

Coming down from the WV mountains just after sunrise
Rest stop in VA about an hour and a half from the destination

The Trip from Deep Creek Lake, MD to Cape Charles, VA, all on only two hours of sleep!
Me standing in the bay at low tide to get some cool photographs of the pier
Kayla sitting on the end of Pier 2
Got some Fishing materials!
The F150 parked at the edge of the bay holding fishing supplies
First time fishing in quite some time

Kayla holding the Spot Croaker fish she caught

Skinning and gutting

The Skate (similar to a stingray) I caught
Preparing skate for consumtion

A photo of the underside of Pier 2 at Cherrystone

Getting ready to test the rocket launch vehicle. All systems have been connected and are awaiting launch!
See a video of this in action here

A fellow fisherman casting out at sundown
GoPro camera set up to capture a timelapse of the pier during changing weather conditions. The video can be seen on my previous post "Deep Creek Lake 2013"
Spinning Steel Wool on the beach
Part of the Stringray like creature called a Skate that I caught. Very delicious

Returning to Columbia, MD after the trips. Exactly 600 miles to the driveway from the Deep Creek gas station!

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