Fredericksburg/Thornburg RC

 Fredericksburg VA is about an hour and 15 minutes South of Washington, DC. Being mostly rural, there isn't much around, but there is a great model flying field backed by a great community. I spent two nights camping onsite, expecting spring weather. Unfortunately it ended up staying in the 40's and 50's the majority of the time, with a high around 65.


Bench seats are great, you can turn them into a bed quickly and easily

The dashboard makes a great shelf too

I brought planes down, however I either forgot my battery or misplaced it, so I couldn't fly either one. I did however bring some other toys which ended up being a big hit. 

The ecoboost gets great highway milage, by the time I arrived, it was close to 22 mpg, this is earlier in the drive.

My raffle winning. A $1500 700 size scale helicopter. That's huge! Can't wait to put it together and fly it.

Here is my latest creation, the "Missile Commander" as I like to call it. An HPI Racing Savage, with 2 estes rockets attached to the roof. A custom circuit me and my friend designed enables the wireless launching of rockets through the radio reciever's aux channels. The circuit can fire up to 4 rockets at a time at one second intervals. 

Successful launch of rocket bay #1, rocket #2 is still on roof ready to be launched shortly after. 

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