Chicago, Illinois

Chicago was among one of my favorite cities to visit over the 6 week trip. It was also the second to last stop before returning home. Everything about it was cool, the towering skyscrapers, the variety in architecture, the lake, and it is all clean and well kept. The view from the top of the Hancock tower is amazing.

I don't remember the name of this sculpture but if anyone knows let me know and I can add info to this post. 

The Millenium Jellybean around sundown. 

The Buckingham Fountain

A Duck in one of the canals that go through the city

Aboard the architectural tour boat

I don't really know the name of any of these buildings, but the architecture across the different buildings vary from each other

A draw bridge

The view from the top floor of the Hancock Tower. If you take the elevator (which I assume most people visiting do because the elevator ride is a few minutes itself) you will feel the air pressure change in your ears.

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