The Badlands, South Dakota

The badlands was among one of the coolest places to see along this trip around the US. The open fields combined with the unusual shapes of the eroded rock.

These pictures are straight from the camera, so sorry about image sensor dust or imperfections.

This panorama is roughly 180 degrees, giving it a sort of curved look. These roads would stretch straight ahead for miles and miles in either direction.
Interesting and unique patterns of erosion in the canyons that remain.

A picture of me standing near the edge of on of the rock formations. There is probably about a 20-70 foot drop behind me. I cant really tell from the pictures and I was only there briefly, but I recall them being quite deep.

As we visted new places, we were sure to add stickers to the back of the van to show others our travelings. These are the states we have visited in order, starting with maryland.

One of the coolest creatures we came across in the badlands were these little rodent like things called prairie dogs. Picture crickets at night, except replace the chirps with little squealing noises, and there you go. Very loud but hilarious little creatures.

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